Lab QA Management

AccuPathology® is your solution for lab quality and administration automation.
We give staff and leadership the ability to support all aspects of quality within the scope of their daily routineā€¦ Without added effort!

Peer Review Automation

Working with your LIS to identify, trigger and assign cases, capturing "actionalbe" information while improving quality through automation.

Document and Checklist Management

Reduces time spent managing documents, while addressing ISO/CAP 15189 standards and automating CAP and AABB Checklists.

Lab Issue Management

Track and manage lab-specific issues, non-conformance, deviations and root causes.

Personnel Management with OPPE

Proactively manage staff and workloads while maintaining compliance.

Process and Specimen Tracking / Verification

Manage processes, specimens, activities improving operations; minimizing errors.

Wireless Temperature, Equipment and Reagent Management

Proactively monitor and manage lab equipment and materials. Now with Wirleless support.
AccuPathology® is the #1 Lab Quality Management System in North America

AccuPathology® Benefits:
  • Automate and simplify your lab quality processes effectively and efficiently
  • Leverage detailed data that is "actionable" supporting improvements and compliance
  • Manage lab-specific documents, equipment, issues, specimens and processes
  • Proactively guide and monitor quality activities while supporting staff reviews
  • Lab-specific real-time dashboards for status and trends for proactive management
  • Get the "whole job done" quickly, using CAP specific Rates, Rules, and Review indicators
  • Support CAP, CLIA, TJC (CMS), Lean Six Sigma, ISO-15189, Provincial, OSHA, initiatives and requirements

  • "We had our mock inspection today, and I wanted to share with you that the
    consultants were completely blown away with your systems!

    More details to follow, but suffice it to say your products were viewed as revolutionary and amazing. Thanks for all you do for PBM!"

    - Brian Johnson
    Director of Business Operations and IT
    PBM Labs



AccuPathology® Module Options:

(most with "cloud" options without the need for IT support)

CAP Checklist Readiness & Compliance Module
Reduces time managing your uploaded checklist, improves productivity by ensuring compliance while minimizing preparation for inspections. It reduces risk by enabling effective governance.

Peer Review, Staff Mgmt, OPPE Automation Module
Working with your LIS to identify, assigning cases, gathering meaningful details while improving quality while maintaining compliance. Automation for professional (OPPE/FPPE) and technical evaluation process with peer-reviewed data along that includes your weighting and exclusions while eliminating paper work.

Specimen and Process Tracking and Verification Module
Manage processes, specimens and labor to improve operations and minimize errors. Know how your processes are working and identify constrains to improve operational efficiency.

Equipment Temperature and Maintenance Module
Proactively validate, monitor and manage equipment, material and reagents used in the lab. Includes automatic data acquisition. Replace clipboards, spreadsheets, forms and logs.

Issue and Non-Conforming Event (NCE, CAPA) Mgmt Module
Track and manage lab-specific deviations supporting "QA-Central" for the entire Lab.

Document and Policy Management Module *
Easy-to-use and healthcare-specific with simple interface, automated rules and dashboards for CAP Checklist Readiness. Addressing ISO/CAP-15189


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